CUPA Immersion Program Costs

CUPA Immersion - Fall 2023, Spring 2024, or Full Academic Year

Program Fees

Single Semester (Fall 2023 or Spring 2024): $26,700

Program Fee: $19,100
Homestay Fee: $7,600

Full Year (2023-2024): $48,060

Program Fee: $34,380
Homestay Fee: $13,680

Students with documented need may inquire about financial assistance.

What the Program Fee Includes

The Program Fee includes instruction as well as an extensive cultural program:

  • Orientation program
  • Enrollment in CUPA courses and French partner institutions
  • On-going academic support
  • On-going individual language and methodology support
  • Independent study projects
  • Applied and performing arts classes for majors
  • Liability insurance
  • Public transportation pass for unlimited travel within Paris and Ile-de-France
  • Computer facilities
  • Tickets to performances: opera, dance, theater…
  • Free access to most museums
  • Carte Louvre Jeunes, unlimited access to permanent collections and temporary exhibitions at the Musée du Louvre.
  • One day-trip per semester
  • One weekend trip per semester
  • Walking tours and visits in Paris
  • Other CUPA-sponsored activities (pétanque, goûters, etc.)

Please note: Personal expenses, passport and visa/titre de séjour fees, textbooks and study materials, musical instrument rentals, practice rooms, art supplies, cell phones, personal health insurance, transatlantic transportation or any trips not organized by CUPA are not covered by the program fee.

What the Homestay Fee Includes

  • Private room in a Francophone household
  • Breakfast daily and 5 dinners per week*
  • Household linens
  • Laundry facilities


*Except during university breaks.

Estimated Additional Expenses

The following are estimates of additional expenses not covered by the CUPA tuition fee. These figures are obtained by averaging reported student expenses over the course of a semester. How much you actually spend during your time in Paris will ultimately depend on your lifestyle.

Required Expenses

  • Additional meals: 1 800 € *
  • Books and academic supplies: 250 €
  • Cell phone expenses: 550 €
  • Insurance, visa, and passport fees: 550 €
  • Personal items: 300 €
  • Transatlantic airfare: 900 €

Optional Expenses

  • Additional cultural expenses: 250 € **
  • Cafés, restaurants, etc.: 375 €
  • Vacation travel, major purchases: 600 €

*For students who have chosen to live independently, this figure will be higher.
**CUPA sponsors a number of cultural activities each semester. Learn more about our cultural program.