Academic Advisory Board

Academic excellence is at the heart of CUPA’s mission.

CUPA’s Academic Advisory Board (AAB) provides academic oversight and contributes significantly to the academic rigor and overall excellence of the program. They also carry out assessments of the program on a regular basis to ensure that CUPA upholds the highest standards for international education.

Our Board Members

Janna K. Behrens
Associate Dean/Director of Global Education Office, Amherst College

Scott Carpenter
Professor of French, Carleton College

Andrew H. Clark (CUPA alumnus)
Professor of French and Comparative Literature,
Fordham University

Alberto Del Río Malo
Director, International Programs Office, Reed College

Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu
Senior Associate Dean, Office of International Programs,
Princeton University

Karen Humphreys (CUPA alumna)
Principal Lecturer, Dept. of Language and Culture Studies, Trinity College

Ruth Koizim
Senior Lector, Dept. of French, Yale University

Kevin Morrison
Director, Center for Study Away, Macalester College

Camila Nardozzi
Director of Study Abroad, Harvard University

Jason Sanderson
Assistant Director, Curriculum Integration and Assessment, Office of Global Education, Georgetown University

Matthew Senior
Ruberta T. McCandless Professor of French, Department of French and Italian, Oberlin College

Marina Van Zuylen
Professor of French and Comparative Literature, Bard College

Bonnie Youngs
Professor of French and Francophone Studies, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University