CUPA Immersion

“I think either just by chance, by some kind of manipulation of reality by perception on my part, or just by the incredibly hard work of the CUPA faculty as well as my peers in the program, I had an incredible time in Paris, and that is in basically every facet of my stay. From my host family, who are incredibly open, interesting, welcoming people, to classes, which have changed my outlook in fundamental ways, to the support and community that CUPA provided, I feel enriched. I look forward to coming back to France.”
– Matthew Marchand, Oberlin College & Conservatory

Language immersion is at the heart of CUPA’s main program. During a semester or a full academic year, students enrolled in CUPA’s rigorous immersion program can be directly matriculated in Paris’ best universities, take in-house courses and can also take courses in French language. CUPA students curate their curricula from an extensive body of course offerings. They may also engage in independent research projects, if approved by their home university.

The extensive opportunities made available through CUPA, including but not limited to individualized linguistic support, cultural activities, and methodology training, facilitate the pursuit of each student’s interests and personal goals. CUPA students are free to choose their own level of independence as all program-sponsored activities are optional.