Research and Internships

Completing an internship or pursuing a research project abroad is a unique opportunity that can enrich a student’s professional and academic experience.

Because experiential learning can help develop and solidify transferable skills, CUPA encourages students to explore these opportunities during their time in Paris. To ensure success in their endeavors, students receive individualized support throughout their internship or research project.

Below you will find more information about the CUPA-EUSA Internship Program and undergraduate research opportunities.

Assemblée Nationale

Assemblée Nationale

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Undergraduate Research

Our program attracts highly motivated students, many of whom wish to pursue academic projects outside of their regular coursework. CUPA helps these students establish a framework in which to conduct their research and take advantage of the unique research opportunities in Paris: primary sources, rare documents, and world-class libraries. Depending on the project, the type of support CUPA provides can include academic advising, authorization for limited-access libraries, contact with French intellectuals, etc. Any student hoping to pursue independent research must have the approval of their home university.

CUPA-EUSA Internship Program

About the Program

International professional experience is a valuable asset in an increasingly globalized world where cross-cultural adaptability is becoming indispensable. Students wishing to pursue an internship during their time abroad can enroll in the CUPA-EUSA Internship Program. A not-for-profit international education organization, EUSA specializes in academically-directed internships across all industries in Europe, including media, culture, business, communications, health, politics and NGOs.

A local team provides individualized, on-going support throughout the program to ensure an internship experience that fulfills the student’s academic and professional objectives. Thanks to a one-on-one pre-departure consultation, EUSA takes into account each student’s needs and find an ideal placement. Once the internship begins, EUSA helps students navigate their professional practice and cultural immersion thanks to an on-site orientation, a mid-term review and academic internship seminar. This comprehensive approach allows students to reflect on their experience and translate their learning outcomes into greater employability in the future.

Program Details

Part-time Internship (Fall or Spring semester)

  • Open to students testing at the B2 level or above who are enrolled in CUPA during the fall or spring semester;
  • 8-week, part-time internship (2 days per week) + academic coursework.
  • Open only to students whose home schools accept internship credit.

Full-time Internship (Summer)

  • Open to students testing at the B2 level or above who are enrolled in CUPA during the spring semester only, including full-year students. The internship takes place the summer following the spring semester.
  • 8-week, full-time internship (5 days per week) + academic coursework.

Credits and Fees

  • An additional fee applies for all EUSA internships.
  • Internships are credit-bearing and open only to students whose home university accepts internship credit.

CUPA-EUSA Internship Sectors

Arts & Culture
Architecture • Art galleries • Dance & Theater companies • Interior design firms • Museums
Advertising • Event organization • Public relation • Marketing
Healthcare & Education
Advocacy groups • Education policy • Hospitals • Social work
Fashion & cosmetic companies • Financial services • IT & telecommunications • Travel & tourism
Politics, Law & NGOs
Labor unions • Non-profit organizations • Political parties • Think tanks
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