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Application Procedure

CUPA Immersion

Applications are considered for acceptance as they are received. Applying early is highly recommended. Late applications will be considered if space allows.

Applications for Fall 2023 semester are closed.

October 1, 2023: deadline for Spring 2024 semester applicants.

March 31, 2024: deadline for Fall 2024 semester applicants.

Via our online application form, you will provide us with the information we need to review your candidacy. Fill in this form carefully and completely. Please note that you can save your application while in progress, and return to finish it later.

As part of the online application, you will be asked to submit a variety of additional materials (personal statement, ID photos, etc.). Before starting your application, read through the list below to be aware of what documents you will be asked to provide.

Application Fee: $50 USD

Application Materials


Required for all applicants


You will be asked to upload a transcript from your current university (if you are a transfer student, please also upload your transcript from your previous university). We accept unofficial transcripts as long as they include the following information:

  • Name and address of the school
  • Student’s name
  • Dates of attendance
  • Names of individual courses completed
  • Number of contact hours per week for each course
  • Length of the term
  • Grade or evaluation received for each course
  • Grading scale (i.e., A = Excellent, F = Failure) or a description of the grading system.
  • Courses currently enrolled in (which will of course, not have a grade yet)

Please make sure that your upload is in PDF format, and that it shows your academic record sequentially by semester (not by graduation requirements, or requirements fulfilled/not fulfilled)

If your school is sending your transcript directly to our Admissions Office, please upload a place-holder document with your name, and the name/contact information of the office submitting the transcript

Official paper transcripts sent directly from your school should be sent to the following address:
P.O. Box 9611
North Amherst, MA 01059

Official e-transcripts should be sent to


Required for all applicants


You will be asked to fill out the contact information for three recommenders:

  • Major/Advisor Recommendation
  • French Professor Recommendation
  • Study Abroad Office approval

An email will be sent to these three individuals with a link to a recommendation form.  Please be sure to double check your recommender name and email address, as the email will be sent as soon as you input/confirm that information (not after you have completed the entire application).

Study Proposal

Required for all applicants


An important part of your study abroad experience will be choosing your courses.

Although the final course selection takes place in Paris, this initial study proposal will let us know which requirements you will need to fulfill.

To complete this section of the application, according to the chosen semester, students may use the Fall Former Course  Offerings of Spring Former Course Course Offerings Catalogues. NB: Course offerings are modified from semester to semester, and some courses may have pre-requisites. For this reason, and because scheduling conflicts may arise, students must consider alternate course selections.

Personal Statements

Required for all applicants


You will be asked to submit two essays, one in English stating your goals and expectations for a semester or year with CUPA (500-750 words) and one in French which answers the following question: Décrivez votre rapport à la langue française (premier contact, expériences marquantes, rencontres décisives, frustrations éventuelles…) et l’évolution de votre attitude envers la langue. Quelle place le français pourrait-il occuper dans votre vie future ? (500-750 words)

Other Materials

The materials listed below are required ONLY for students who complete the “Special Areas of Study” section of the application.


These additional materials will include one or more of the following, and will vary by subject area chosen on the Special Areas of Study section:

  • Repertoire/music sample (for music majors)
  • CV (in English and in French)
  • List of required STEM courses
  • Internship Essay
  • Portfolio
  • Foreign Language recommendation and explanation (if planning to take a language other than French)

Special Areas of Study include:

  • Advanced music lessons (majors only)
  • STEM*
  • Internship
  • Intensive Theater or Dance curriculum
  • Foreign Language (other than French)
  • Special request/other (e.g. research, independent study, etc.)

*STEM majors in France follow a very different curriculum and methodology compared to the US. This means that if you plan to take classes in these areas, your level of French needs to be exceptionally strong.

STEM course options can be very limited for a given semester. If you want to pursue STEM courses you must contact us at to discuss your options individually before or right after you submit your application.

For scheduling reasons, students must not plan to take more than 1 STEM course per semester.

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