About CUPA

With over 50 years of experience as an independent study-abroad program in Paris, CUPA has a long tradition in international education.

We pride ourselves on this solid background, but the real strength of our program is our constant desire to innovate and adapt our offerings to the evolving needs of our students. Choosing CUPA means choosing a program that recognizes that each participant has a unique point of view. While some students thrive from being highly independent, others prefer a structured approach to new experiences. We understand these differences and provide students with the level of freedom best suited to their needs. This highly individualized approach is possible because we are committed to academic excellence and the lifelong pursuit of learning.

While French immersion is at the heart of CUPA’s mission, we have expanded our offering to include a variety of programs, ranging from a 6-week in-house summer term to a track in art and design. We also provide our most advanced and motivated students with the tools to pursue individual research, internships, and special curricula. To each new endeavor, we apply the same rigor and expertise that made our immersion program one of the strongest in the field.

Our programs

CUPA Immersion

CUPA’s flagship program was designed to give students an authentic French university experience while providing them with logistical, administrative and personal support thus allowing them to focus on their academic success. CUPA students have the freedom to curate their curricula from an extensive body of course offerings available at our many partner institutions.


CUPA Summer

A challenging six-week immersion program in Paris providing intensive work in French language, a selection of content courses and permanent contact with the French language and culture. CUPA Summer is open to students with previous background in French and strong motivation. Classes are held at CUPA, next to the Luxembourg gardens, within walking distance to the Latin Quarter.


CUPA Art & Design at PCA

Alongside CUPA’s traditional French immersion program, a new track, CUPA Art & Design, is now offered in partnership with Paris College of Art, a NASAD accredited school of art and design. CUPA Art & Design offers students the unique opportunity to pursue a full-time program of art and design studies, tailored to fit their academic requirements, as well as their personal and artistic interests.