Study Abroad with CUPA

Choosing the right study abroad program requires finding the ideal balance between academic rigor, cultural experiences, program support and individual freedom. At CUPA we know that this balance can be different for each student and our goal is to meet those unique needs.

Because we use a holistic approach to study abroad, we believe that a student’s experience begins long before they board the plane. Tary Coppola, CUPA’s Assistant Director for Outreach and Admissions, advises potential candidates on all aspects of the program and application process.  She also visits campuses across the country. For more information on these visits, please follow our Facebook page or check our website regularly.

Students are provided with a variety of resources that allow them to take full advantage of their time abroad. Thanks to ongoing mentoring and support from our staff, students can construct a coherent academic project and create the most fulfilling linguistic, cultural, and personal experience possible.

JR's Louvre Installation

JR's Louvre Installation

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Before You Apply

Before applying to CUPA, students must make sure that the program has been approved by their college or university and be familiar with the policies of their school as to credit transfer. These matters are the sole responsibility of each student.

Students should be undergraduates in good standing at an American college or university, and maintain at least a 3.5 grade average. Lower GPA’s will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Students applying to the Immersion program must have a good command of both written and oral French; they will have either successfully completed at least one advanced college-level French course with a grade of B+ or above or can demonstrate equivalent mastery of the language.

Students are strongly encouraged to study French during the semester prior to the anticipated semester or year abroad.

The Summer program offers two tracks, one for students who are at the intermediate level in French and another for students who are advanced when they apply.

Application Process

1 – Complete the online application before the deadline. Remember to carefully read the application instructions which can be found on the first page of the application.

2 – Follow up with your references to make sure they have sent us their recommendation forms.