Art & Design at PCA

As a global capital of the art world, Paris’ history is closely intertwined with the arts. Students who have the chance to study in this metropolitan city are exposed to a diverse body of work thanks to a multitude of world-class museums, galleries, theaters and industry events.

Inspired by Paris’ cultural wealth, CUPA created an affiliate Art & Design program in partnership with Paris College of Art (PCA), a NASAD accredited school of art and design. This program offers students the unique opportunity to pursue a full-time curriculum of art and design, tailored to fit their academic requirements, as well as their personal and artistic interests. PCA’s course offerings include art history and liberal studies in addition to practical courses in fashion, graphic design, fine arts and design management.  Unlike CUPA’s French immersion program, the Art & Design program is conducted in English, and takes places at the Paris College of Art campus.