Featured Alumna: Katie Fackler

My semester at CUPA in Paris affected my path beyond college and opened my eyes to the possibility of an international life. I found that I loved numerous aspects of studying and living abroad – immersing myself in a different culture, exploring...
Holly Dennis

A day in the life of Holly Dennis

Time goes by quickly in Paris and Holly made sure to she took full advantage of every minute. In addition to class and cultural visits, she used Paris' central location to discover other parts of Europe.
Ryohei Ozaki

A day in the life of Ryohei Ozaki

The sun is setting behind the southern wing of the Louvre that sits along the Seine. The bustle of people below is calming. The Ferris wheel at the western entrance of the Tuileries turns slowly, beyond which stands the Arc de Triomphe...
Claire Jenson

A day in the life of Claire Jenson

As a medieval art history major, a typical day for Claire Jenson would include a large amount of time in Paris’ excellent libraries, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t able to enjoy the city. It's those moments "in between" that transport you...