Featured alumnus: Isidore Bethel

Following his semester at CUPA and his graduation from Harvard, Isidore Bethel came back to France to pursue his graduate studies. Since then he has started a successful career in cinema and has produced and directed multiple critically acclaimed feature documentary films.
Mariah Phillips a.k.a. Bunny Aubert

Mariah Phillips, CUPA alumna, on

When I announced my move to the City of Lights, nearly everyone mentioned Josephine Baker, perhaps the most prominent example of a Black woman surrendering to la vie française. Older Black women nodded their heads and murmured, “Oh, they love us there,”...
Katie Fackler

Featured Alumna: Katie Fackler

My semester at CUPA in Paris affected my path beyond college and opened my eyes to the possibility of an international life. I found that I loved numerous aspects of studying and living abroad – immersing myself in a different culture, exploring...