CUPA Paris alumni are a dynamic community of former students from the best American universities. Their time in Paris enriched not only the CUPA program, but also their continuing experiences as they navigate the world après Paris.  You can read about our alumni below in the Alumni News section.


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We be adding a section to this page inviting alumni to directly upload their own stories and photos online.  We want to hear about what you’re doing, and what’s new with you, so stay tuned!

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On Time Travel

Since his time at CUPA, Ryohei Ozaki has continued to travel the world and reflect on life's deepest questions. His essay, "On Time Travel", explores how different cultures, travel, and experiences shape not only our understanding of the world but also our...
Isidore Bethel, CUPA Alumnus

Featured alumnus: Isidore Bethel

Following his semester at CUPA and his graduation from Harvard, Isidore Bethel came back to France to pursue his graduate studies. Since then he has started a successful career in cinema and has produced and directed multiple critically acclaimed feature documentary films.
Mariah Phillips a.k.a. Bunny Aubert

Mariah Phillips, CUPA alumna, on

When I announced my move to the City of Lights, nearly everyone mentioned Josephine Baker, perhaps the most prominent example of a Black woman surrendering to la vie française. Older Black women nodded their heads and murmured, “Oh, they love us there,”...