About CUPA

CUPA is an independent study abroad institution with over 50 years of experience in international education.

Academic excellence is at the heart of our mission and we are committed to providing our students with individualized experiences that encourage the development of their intercultural skills. CUPA offers three distinct programs, all located in Paris.

Our Programs

CUPA Study Abroad

CUPA’s flagship program was designed to give students an authentic French university experience while providing them with logistical, administrative and personal support thus allowing them to focus on their academic success. CUPA students have the freedom to curate their curricula from an extensive body of course offerings available at our many partner institutions.


CUPA Summer

A challenging six-week immersion program in Paris providing intensive work in French language, a selection of content courses and permanent contact with the French language and culture. CUPA Summer is open to students with previous background in French and strong motivation. Classes are held at CUPA, next to the Luxembourg gardens, within walking distance to the Latin Quarter.


CUPA Art & Design
at Paris College of Art

Alongside CUPA’s traditional French immersion program, a new track, CUPA Art & Design, is now offered in partnership with Paris College of Art, a NASAD accredited school of art and design. CUPA Art & Design offers students the unique opportunity to pursue a full-time program of art and design studies, tailored to fit their academic requirements, as well as their personal and artistic interests.

Molly Tucker

A day in the life of Molly Tucker

For Molly Tucker, her semester in Paris was one marked by self-discovery. The challenges of adapting to an unfamiliar system led to daily victories and a strengthened sense of confidence and resilience.
David Weller

A day in the life of David Weller

Paris is small. You might hear it, think you understand, even look at a map and see that it’s hardly 10 kilometers wide and fewer still north-south, but it doesn’t really set in for me until I fire up Google Maps on...

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