A unique approach to study
abroad in Paris for advanced

What sets us apart

Our French Language Center

Even for advanced students of French, the path to fluency can feel daunting. CUPA’s French Language Center makes that process compelling and engaging by providing students with the tools to take ownership of their progress.


A Strong Orientation Program

The intensive Orientation program provides an introduction to French methodology and the French academic mindset, while giving students a head start on advancing their linguistic skills in the immersion context. Meetings on practical matters, housing, safety and cultural life also take place during Orientation, as well as activities within and outside of Paris.


Methodology Support

Because the French educational system is very different from what American students are used to, CUPA provides Methodology Support throughout the semester. This includes an intensive pre-session course, in addition to regular contact hours once the academic year begins.


Individualized Advising

During every step of the academic process, CUPA works closely with students to ensure a rich intellectual experience that is in keeping with their home university’s requirements. Advising takes into account the student’s level of fluency, academic background, special interest and strengths.


Dynamic Student Body

The CUPA program’s high standards are consistent with the outstanding caliber of its student body. Applicants are selected according to their individual profiles and French language skills, and form a community of diverse, talented and motivated individuals. They are well-prepared intellectually and linguistically and seek an in-depth experience as well as a high-quality academic program during their semester, year, or summer in Paris.


Internships and Independent Research

In addition to having access to a wealth of academic choices through the program’s numerous affiliations with institutions of higher education in Paris, CUPA strongly encourages students to seek out opportunities in experiential learning, in the form of an internship or an independent research project.

David Weller

A day in the life of David Weller

Paris is small. You might hear it, think you understand, even look at a map and see that it’s hardly 10 kilometers wide and fewer still north-south, but it doesn’t really set in for me until I fire up Google Maps on...
Ryohei Ozaki

On Time Travel

Since his time at CUPA, Ryohei Ozaki has continued to travel the world and reflect on life's deepest questions. His essay, "On Time Travel", explores how different cultures, travel, and experiences shape not only our understanding of the world but also our...

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