A day in the life of Kelsey Lafreniere

Kelsey Lafreniere
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A day in the life of Kelsey Lafreniere

Language and Linguistics Major, Baylor University
CUPA Year 2015-2016

When my alarm starts my average Wednesday in Paris, I have to fix myself a good breakfast in order to face the noise of the city on more than just tartines. I’m up early to reply to emails, finish my homework, and write part of a blog post about my hilarious mishaps the week before. Unused to city life, I’ve had a good introduction to early morning rush hour in Paris. It makes the trip to my Anthropology course longer, but that class is one of the most enthralling I’ve ever taken. After class I let myself wander through a fresh produce market for lunch, or look for a new vintage thrift shop in an unexplored corner of the city. Productive afternoons happen when I put the busyness of the city on hold to sit in a café and study. Seated at the window with an espresso in hand, Paris becomes a controlled chaos; while Parisians and travelers from all over the world rush past on the street outside, I’m reminded by the woman calmly drying glasses behind the counter and chatting with a customer that there is subtle life to Paris, too. There is the rush of traffic and the swirl of artwork, crêpe stands on the street, and a gorgeous foreign language. Then there’s a quiet side, lived in the mornings when the neighbor kids ride their little scooters to school, in the cheerful dinner conversations with my retired host parents, and in the glittering city lights reflecting off the onyx Seine at night. Paris is all of those things to me. Wednesday may follow a busy pattern, but every day here is fresh with life.

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Published: February 22, 2017