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Cultural Immersion

CUPA-sponsored events

CUPA believes that exposure to French culture is an integral part of the student’s experience. All of the following cultural activities are included in the tuition fee, so that all students can take advantage of a number of cultural opportunities, regardless of their financial situation.

  • Visits and walking tours in Paris during Orientation
  • One weekend excursion each semester (Loire Valley, Alsace…)
  • One full-day excursion each semester (Giverny, Vaux-le-Vicomte…)
  • Tickets to Ballet/Opera/Theater/Performing arts shows
  • Group dinner
  • Informal gatherings with French students
  • Museum pass


Jana Herman, Oberlin CollegeCUPA’s cultural offerings and activities were so incredible! I wish I went to more! This was one of the absolutely best parts of the program. They were just amazing.

Extracurricular activities

Apart from group events sponsored by the Center, CUPA students are encouraged to break away from the American student community by implementing their own cultural integration project. This can be done by participating in extracurricular activities or taking advantage of opportunities provided by the program either within the community or in the fields of education, the arts or business.

Lauren Johnson, Willamette UniversityThe CUPA Paris program provides students with a gate key to Paris, one of the world’s most exciting cultural hubs. With the resources CUPA provides, students cultivate a love for the French language and a sense of “la vie à la parisienne,” which creates a valuable arena for an unparalleled amount of personal growth.

Parisian Student Tips

  • University Restaurants: The quickest and cheapest way to get a whole meal while meeting French students in Paris!

  • Bibliothèque Publique d’Information: This is the busiest library in Paris (inside the Centre Pompidou). There is an online searchable catalog, and it closes at 10pm, a miracle for a French library!

  • La Cinémathèque Française: Paris is a “world capital for film”, with more than 100 movie theaters ranging from multiplexes to tiny independent art houses. La cinematheque owns one of the largest movie collections in the world. It moved a few years ago from its old location to a new building designed by Frank Gehry. An absolute must for all film-lovers and/or film majors!

  • Radio France: Just pick one of the numerous public French radio stations in the middle section menu and click on “Écouter”. A great way to practice aural skills!

Natalie Oswald, Oberlin CollegeThe “spectacles” were definitely my favorite, but I enjoyed all of the cultural activities offered by CUPA. I loved everything I went to, including the events with extra tickets. I just felt so lucky and so fortunate to experience the arts in a place like Paris, where art is taken so seriously.


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