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CUPA allows students to choose between a home stay with a French family or independent living arrangements. Because the decision each student makes concerning housing will be considered definitive and may not be changed during the semester, students should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Alexandra Wood, Reed CollegeI think host families were the best way for me to learn. You’re forced to find the words you’re looking for. Unlike an essay, or self-study, you don’t have the option of looking things up or stopping the conversation. You have to keep pushing through. It’s exhausting, but it’s the best way to learn a language.

CUPA Home Stay

CUPA strongly encourages this option. Living with a carefully selected French family is a privileged form of housing that provides the student with the opportunity to establish personal relationships, use French intensively and be immersed in French culture and traditions on a daily basis. Living in a French family also means sharing their language, their culture and their food, and adapting to a new family rhythm that is sometimes very different from what they are accustomed to. Students receive breakfast daily and share dinner five times per week. The French family will provide towels and bedding, and the student’s laundry will be done once a week. Students electing the CUPA housing option will complete a detailed confidential questionnaire to assist CUPA in assuring a mutually rewarding match between the host family and student.

Living Independently

Independent housing can be a good option for students who prefer to have their own space, as well as for students who plan to have overnight visitors during the semester. Students living independently will be solely responsible for finding housing, related costs and other commitments that may arise from their choice. CUPA strongly discourages apartment shares with English speakers.


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