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Personal Support

The CUPA staff is extremely attentive to each student’s specific needs and has considerable experience dealing with any type of difficulty that may arise. CUPA provides as much support as necessary to resolve any problems concerning health, studies, logistics or general well-being. Practical matters, housing, and cultural life meetings are organized during the Orientation session, as well as excursions within and outside of Paris.
Because of the intimate size of the program and its high staff/student ratio, the CUPA team is able to get to know each student individually, and is always available to help work out academic and personal issues.

Stephanie Sosa, Amherst CollegeI have had a spectacular time at CUPA, and appreciate the time each staff member took to get to know us and organize so many activities for us. It felt more like a friendship with everyone than anything else. It was a fantastic experience.

Methodology Training

In order to prepare for the French academic and cultural experience, CUPA’s Orientation provides exposure to French methodology and insight into the French academic mindset. The intensive pre-session thoroughly prepares students for the expectations of university professors, allowing them to assimilate a more research-based approach to coursework. Methodology training encourages students to take their analytical skills a step further and gain more perspective on their learning experience as active participants within the French academic environment.

Manon Gilmore, Reed CollegeThe methodology section prepared me better for assignments in class, and the consultation available for registration in classes and the rigor of the requisite forms was much appreciated because I ultimately had much less to fret about later.

Both methodology and French language support are offered during Orientation and throughout the course of the semester.


12, rue Vavin
75006 Paris France
+33(0)1 42 22 87 50
Fax: +33 (0)1 45 48 23 24

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