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From Proficiency to Fluency

CUPA provides extensive French language support and resources, designed to enhance the benefits of language learning and progress in situ and allow students to reach a new level in French fluency. CUPA offers as much customized language support as desired or needed. Students work individually with a language instructor on their specific areas of difficulty, and may collaborate with the coordinator to design their own language-based project, entirely fitted to their goals and interests.

Both Methodology Training and French language support are offered during Orientation and throughout the course of the semester.

Objectives of the CUPA language support program:

  • To help students advance from proficiency towards actual fluency in French
  • To build self-confidence, attenuate difficulties and improve their skills
  • To help them embrace the challenges of the immersion environment
  • To assist them in setting specific objectives
  • To encourage them to take charge of their progression in the language
  • To further their knowledge of language-learning processes

Samples of types of individual projects

  • Creative writing with extensive revising and refining in order to arrive at the “perfect” text. Projects vary according to students’ interests (eg. creation of a manga, short stories, Oulipian constrained writing exercises…).
  • Political discourse: A weekly press review or a political speech drafted then delivered on a given theme, in order to work in-depth on grammar and oral skills, while analyzing the rhetoric of French political discourse.
  • Public Health: weekly analysis of French press/scholarly articles and/or videos dealing with public health, in order to build upon field-specific vocabulary, work on grammar and aural skills and compare the semantics of French and American discourse on Public Health matters.

Testimonial : Alana Thyng, Yale University

The “FLE” (Français Langue Étrangère) program at CUPA was indispensable to my year-long study abroad experience. Imaad Ali, the coordinator of the program, dedicated an hour each week of private tutoring to help me achieve specific goals related to my course of study, Art History.

Initially, Imaad worked with me on ameliorating persistent grammar and pronunciation issues through targeted exercises and immediate conversational feedback. He then helped me strengthen my listening comprehension skills using radio and television clips of recent events, integrating me into the social climate of Paris as well as creating an engaged debate around the most pressing issues of the day. He provided as much invaluable cultural and philosophical insight as linguistic aid.

We then trained specifically for Art History related DST and dissertations. Imaad aided me in both writing in the elevated language register appropriate for academic work and, equally if not more importantly, in understanding the philosophical intent behind the assessments. Thus, I comprehended the implicit intellectual framework of the assignments and was able to more successfully respond.

We coordinated this study with my courses at the École du Louvre. Imaad helped me prepare my verbal presentations and my written essays. After my assessments at the École, he guided my reflection on the results in order to implement specific positive changes. He also coached me on everything from my internship cover letters to my CV to the emails I sent reaching out for positions. Due to his support, I acquired a summer internship in Paris.

Finally, Imaad fostered my integration into French society by sharing slang, popular video clips, and favorite bands. His openness and warmth opened a two-way discourse between us that helped me more effectively communicate and connect in personal as well as professional contexts.

Since the beginning of our lessons in September, I know Imaad as an energetic and dedicated teacher willing to go beyond what is required and share his considerable knowledge. He is a tireless worker who demonstrates sensitivity and concern for every student. He taught me not only an enormous amount about French language and society, but he has had a profound effect on my self-presentation and my worldview going forward. I can offer only the highest recommendation of him and his FLE program.


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