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Featured Alumnus: Ludovic Hood

Ludovic Hood
History Major, Brown University ’96 / CUPA Year 1994-1995

I was delighted when, 20 years after the conclusion of my memorable semester with CUPA in 1994-95, [CUPA Director] MaryAnn Letellier asked me to address the current group of CUPA students in my capacity as a U.S. diplomat stationed in Paris. Returning to CUPA, meeting the students and seeing former director Pascale Bessières reminded me of how important my semester abroad in Paris twenty years ago was for my personal and professional development. I simply loved my five months in Paris with CUPA: art historian Christophe Boïcos brought the city’s architecture alive for me, my courses at the Sorbonne revealed the French pedagogical approach to history, and I made friendships with other CUPA students that have endured to this day. Above all, my time at CUPA instilled a deep affection for Paris. When my employer, the U.S. Department of State, assigned me to a three-year tour at our embassy in Paris, I was, of course, overjoyed. Before returning to Paris in 2014, I served at our embassies in Kuwait and Bahrain, as well as working at the State Department in Washington, DC. Before becoming an American diplomat in 2006, I worked for the United Nations in East Timor and New York (2001-06), and before that spent five years in the private sector.

Published: February 29th, 2016 5:59PM


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